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My favourite - Here I offer you the best pictures by me.
Art variations - Sometimes I take a graphical editor, some Sophie's picture and my talent (or courage?) and play with them and I'm not alone. See results of real art-workers. Thanx to all authors, whoose allowed me to present their works! If you do similar things, feel free to mail me and I will publish your work with your credit.
Civil snaps - There you can find civil snaps or I thought they are civil. I mean some description are totally wrong, but only Sophie knows... :-) In case you know much than she, mail me and correct my errors. Thank you.
Faces - It is my own project, view to Sophie. It's fantastic how she can seem variously, really! Even me don't believe that it is Sophie on some pictures. :-)
Professional - Photos of Sophie made by professional photographers as Bettina Rheims.

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