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        This is banner list of the best sites about Sophie Marceau by me. There are many other pages on the net, but they have not any information that you couldn't find at least on someone of following sites or on my site.

Joe's Sophie Marceau page at simplenet absolute center for Sophie's fans. It is site, where you can obtain wide range (almost all) of information including TV links, Interviews, "Buy or rent movies",vidcaps and others. There you will find also long list of almost all sites where Sophie is presented and where you find rest of information.

Sophie Marceau central - One of the greatest pages dedicated to Sophie Marceau. Standart information but perfectly performed. Biography, filmography, gallery, links and all in superior design (if not the best one)! As the older banner was saying: The Swedish Tribute to Sophie Marceau and as I say: Some Swedes must love her at all. - One is clear, some parts (include design elements) are stolen from several other SM pages, but something is own and good done. Weak in speed, language (French only), but strong in gallery, interviews, design this page partains to the best web-sites dedicated to Sophie. 
Yet Another Sophie Marceau Page Owner of this page has the best Sophie Marceau archive I ever seen. Millions of pics, full information about Sophie Marceau magazine presentaion and more... 
Sophie Marceau fan site - This Sophie Marceau fan site containts standart information carefully updated and well designed and something more. Especially news are interesting and full of links to articles. Simply it's one of the best, so therefore it is listed here. Nice work of polish webmaker SLIVER. All features in polish language, but who understand polish at least as  me, he will surprised of interesting information at this page. Much detailed info about some films, something about Sophie's book 'Layer' (In polish 'Klamczucha' :-) and others. PERFECT GALLERY! Simply, this page has only one little error - it contains no data in English, but we all can envy polish fans! Do you know Russian? Are you Russian? This is right place for you. Full of information in Russian alphabet, quite good performed. Relatively new but serious site. 
 (full list of SM websites find at  Joe Tiger's page)
        Into this list I put sites and pages that include some material of Sophie, but are not specialised only to her. Online magazines, art work, movie databases and more.

IAE - Do you like to 'adjust' your windows with themes by your favourites? On this site find large amount of Sophie desktop images variously edited and created from original SM page. - Page dedicated mostly to art. Drawing, photo and more. On this page you can find drawings of Sophie Marceau and I mean they're pretty good. Some pieces you can see in my SM gallery -ART VARIATIONS - pg2. 
        Final list of this link page includes mostly various search engines, sites where you can obtain data associated with SM or not and other interesting locations not listed in above part lists. - Do you find babes? Do you find the Babe? Your favourite? Get there and you'll find her. This server's providers carefully choose and test sites before adding, so you really find the best ones. Any model, any actress, any babe...

famousbabes - One of the best search engine specialzed for babes. Easy to use, good in archive and speed in preformance. Visit famousbabes! - Models, Supermodels, Babes, Sophie and more. Linx to good pages and to many many Babes. Use it as starting place to babeway around internet :-) - Another server specialised for celebrities. Large portfolio. - Star pages. Own search engine, huge graphics and possibility of page voting. - One fo good. Quite large portfolio, user friendly. - One fo good. Quite large portfolio, user friendly. 

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