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Sophie Marceau
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This section of Jospain's Sophie Marceau page has opened on 01.12.1998 for monitoring hotest and latest news about Sophie Marceau.  
Booed off the stage in Cannes.
Sophie Marceau, the French actress who is currently filming the latest James Bond film, The World is Not Enough, was booed off the stage after a long and rambling speech praising cinema. She obtained jeers by the impatient Cannes audience and was eventually stopped by Scott-Thomas.
Later Sophie commented her bad speech: "I had not realised how difficult it would be to pass from one world to another."
That is, Sophie came at the festival from Annecy, where she realized an exhausting visit of sick children. This visit pertains to the frame of her work for the Arc-en-ciel.
                         (Telegraph's website, Belles de Jour 2: Sophie Marceau)

Telegraph website
Belles de Jour 2: Sophie Marceau

Comedy Lost and Found has been withdrawn from cinemas has been withdrawn from cinemas, showing poor returns three weeks after its US release.
                       (Belles de Jour 2: Sophie Marceau)

Belles de Jour 2: Sophie Marceau

US release date of A Midsummer Night's Dream set in turn-of-century Tuscany.
 (Belles de Jour 2: Sophie Marceau)

Belles de Jour 2: Sophie Marceau 
Sophie Marceau and Adrzej Zulawski stay together.
 On the handig over ceremony of the Ceasar award in the Parisian theatre Champs-Elysees (They closed all Avenue Montagne due this act) Sophie Marceau came with Andrzej Zulawsi together. "Actress Sophie Marceau with his long-time partner, director Andrzej Zulawski had denied that they are in separating," is written in the magazines. Rumors broked.
Sophie is one of few actresses, whose don't change partners as cloths. Many people (especialy some fans) criticize their partnership due to age difference (Zulawski is 24 years her senior), but it seems they are happy together. BTW: You can show your opinion to this couple by polling.
 (Plus 7 dni, No.15, 12.4.99)

Motorola supports James Bond.
4 month ago English queen Elizabeth II recently opened Company Motorola's the newest, the most modern factory producing infrastructures for digital GSM mobil nets in Groundwell (south England, near Swindon) containing area of 30 000  square meters (it is caunted to increasing this area to unbelievable 100 000 square meters). Motorola invested to its main factory, producing almost 75% of company production, over 82 000 000 pounds! Groundwill became one of England's sillicon valleys.
And now! Why we are talking about this factory? This month (March 1999) Sophie Marceau and Pierce Brosnan are filming there the 19th James Bond film "World Is Not Enough". They say, main characters of this film will have the newest Motorola products in their hands. James Bond film team leading by Michal Apted (director) knows to choose interesting places, interesting scenes and even interesting equipment for outstanding actors. Maybe, Motorola products are so good, that there is only man can use them - James Bond ;-)
(SME daily newspaper, 12.3.99)

Sophie likes filming Bond film.
Sophie is familiar with large scale film-making - working on "Braveheart" gave her a taste of that. But she said that the Bond films are something else: "Bond is kind of a fantasy in a real world, and for an actor itís fantastic, because everything is possible. Itís my second day today so I wonít talk too much about it, but itís great because you can really go for it."
Well, it seems Sophie likes the work of Peter Lamont, who won an Oscar for "Titanic", and who  makes a perfect production with team of professionals using the film hi-tec.
(Official James Bond site)

Official James Bond site

Did you know?
Did you know that Sophie choose her art surname "Marceau" by the street in Paris? Exactly it is "avenue Marceau" leading from the "Place Charles de Gaulle" (from the Arc de Triomphe) to bridge over Seine named "Pont des l'Alma".
Did you know that there will be another dead body in the beginning of the new Bond film "World Is Not Enough"? International Movie Database said about plot outline of this film next: "Feeling responsbile for the death of a British oil tycoon and a friend, who died in an explosion in MI6 headquarters, James Bond takes position as bodyguard to the tycoon's daughter, Elektra."
Did you know that Sophie was chosen as Ambassador of Charm for France in East Asia in 1995 where she enjoys great popularity? See section biography to find more details.
Did you know that in July 1997 French singer Julien Clerk refers to "Sophie Marceau's breasts" in a list of his favourite things in song named "Assez, assez"? Sophie was very angry and her reaction is here: "How would he like it if someone wrote a song about his penis?" What to say? She is right, but Clerk is sure not alone with his list...
(International Movie Database, Sophie Marceau Fan Site)

International Movie Database
Sophie Marceau Fan Site 
 Last projects recapitulation
New adaptation of Shakespeare's "Midsummer Nights Dream", directed by Michael Hoffman for Fox Searchlight is in post-production and by the latest internet rumors, the trailer for "A Midsummers Night Dream" was shown in cinemas in France. Sophie plays with stars as Rupert Everett, Kevin Kline, Michelle Pfeiffer and Stanley Tucci in this film. It should release in the spring of '99. In France date of releasion was set to 8.9.1999 (by the Sophie Marceau Fan Site).
Also in post-production is David Spade's "Lost and Found", an English-language romantic comedy in which Patrick Bruel kidnaps Sophie's dog as a means of getting to know her. Sophie had to became sad a bit, I think, when she remebered kidnaping of her dog in real life. It was not a comedy, it was unpleasant reality.
Other projects include "Franck Spadone", a thriller by first-time director Richard Bean, in which a pickpocket played by Stanislas Merhar falls in love with Sophie's character after stealing her handbag. As you see, in all last films Sophie is loosing something. Dog, handbag and in "World Is Not Enough" even father! Poor Soph! ;-)
By the way, MGM/UA proclaimed that they hope film will earn $250 million globally. One is clear, we will help them, willn't we?
(Internet, Rumors, Sophie Marceau Fan Site)

Sophie inaugurating gallery show in London
On th January 25th 1999, Sophie and French footballer David Ginola were guests of honour at a gala dinner at the National Gallery in London, to inaugurate the gallery's new show: Portraits by Ingres: Image of an Epoch. Sophie had been filming on the Bond set earlier in the day. She proclaimed that will stay living at London to the end of filming "World Is Not Enough". Of course, Vincent, her son, will move to London too.
(Belles de Jour 2: Sophie Marceau; Novy Cas,26.2.99)

Belles de Jour 2: Sophie Marceau
National Gallery in London - Portraits by Ingres 
"World Is Not Enough" more information
At first, in older news :-) we aknowledged Sophie Marceau will play Elektra King, daughter of a murdered oil tycoon who takes over her father's oil pipeline after his death. By official Bond's site the script describes King as an exotic east-European beauty, so Sophie will have to remember Anna Karenina part, willn't she?
At second, something about earnings: "Brosnan should receive an $11 million paycheck for being Bond." I'm sorry, earnings of other cast isn't available.
Finally, I have to complete list of locations, where new Bond film will filmed. Besides noted Istambul in Turkey, where Bond faces murderous henchmen in two of the film's coolest action sequences, they will film in Havana, Cuba (opening of the film, they said it includes a scantily clad female rolling a cigarette on her naked thigh, wow!), around river Thames, London (old Tower Bridge will take a role, too), in Caucasus Mountains (ski chase) and finaly in 64 Vauxhall Cross, Scotland, which is good known by Sophie (Braveheart). It is fact, that Sophie knows somewhat bloody Scotland :-), but on the other hand, I think that staff around Bond films uses red color in large amounts, too. In any case Sophie will become a traveller by this film.
(Various sources of INET, rumors)

Club James Bond 007 (Laurent Perriot)

No longer "Flatfoosie"?
"In France Sophie Marceau pertains to the most favourite actresses. They call her 'little fiancée of all French'. Why? By the magazine inquiries she is charme woman with high sexappeal and most of men would invite just her to going on the date."
(Plus 7 dni, No.4, 25.1.99)

Sophie Marceau to Azerbajdzjan?
"Michael Apted, director in the next James Bond movie "The world is not enough" expect to start processing the movie late january 1999. The first shootings are set to Baku, Azerbajdzjan."
(Sophie Marceau central)

Sophie Marceau Central

Sophie beats Sharon Stone
By the magazine Moment, Michael Apted  was considering between Sophie Marceau and Sharon Stone for role of  Elektra King in "World Is Not Enough", but producing company decided: "...MGM company prefered Sophie Marceau than to Amarican Sharon Stone, who applied for the role, too"
Thanks to MGM! :-)
(Moment, No.2, 8.1.1999)

What Bond's fans say
"Bond stresses that the women in this Bond film will have a much stronger role than in previous films. Where have we heard that before?" say Bond fans.
"At least! Sophie is not coming to play some dull Bond-girl, some background for Brosnan. She know to play and she will show it. In Braveheart Sophie played 15 minutes and became one of the main character of the movie and in "World Is Not Enough" she will take much more time!" I reply (and Sophie's fans with me I hope)
(Bond fan's pages, my opinions :-))

New York Times article 
"World Is Not Enough" details
 In "World Is Not Enough" Sophie will play Elektra King, daughter of a murdered oil tycoon. meanwhile Pierce Brosnan in the role of James Bond will get mission to save London's Millennium Dome from saboteurs. She will be the first Bond-girl coming from France and it will be quite other role than Sophie used to play.
 The producers are Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. The director is Michael Apted (directed Gorillas in the Mist, Extreme Measures and Nell). The screenplay has been written by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade, famous for their 1991 offering, Let Him Have It. Filming will take place mostly in Turkey. Rumours are also flying about filming incorporating the Millenium dome at Greenwich, Canary Wharf and a boat chase down the Thames in London in a tense scene where Bond save the Dome from a terrorist bomb. Filming begins in the January 11, 1999 with a scheduled release date of November 19, 1999.
(Entertainment Tonight,06.11.98; Rumors, INET)

Boston Globe article
Variety article
Washington Post article 
Conceit or low self-confidenty?
"Famous french actress Sophie Marceau (31) decided assert in the Hollywood. But immediatelly after it she declared, that she will not suppose to surround by famous colleagues. "Actors are much interesting and sexi on screen than in the reality. Once I sit in the airoplane by the side of Robert De Niro. He is such funny little mister. I would not identify him. In other time I meet with Bruce Willis and I asked myself, what is interesting on him? I would not look back for him on the street. Mel Gibson, with who I played in Braveheart, said to me: 'If you will in Hollywood, call me.' But I will not ever do it, because I wouldn't get to him" It is hard to say, if it goes about conceit or hidden low self-confidenty."
(SPY, No.11/98, 15.11.98)

James Bond partner
"The most popular french actress Sophie Marceau, who now lives in Los Angeles, anounced that she will became partner for legendary agent 007, James Bond. In his new story named 'World Is Not Enough', she will play by the side of Pierce Brosnan. We have purpose of enjoying!"
(Plus 7 dni, No.44, 27.11.98)


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