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Sophie Marceau
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I know, it is not a new idea with poll, but questions are important. I think that fans want to know, what their other collegues think and mean, what is their opinion. I will update question once a month, maybe every two weeks, if you will poll often and much. Do it! :-) If you have an interesting question, you can mail me it. I will decide, if it is really interesting :-) and in case I will use your idea, I'll publish it with your credit.

        After long pause, the socond question comes. I was always interested in what fans like on Sophie. To make this research I was inspired by e-mail, which I obtained from one editor of some magazine published in Estonia (I hope I remember it right). He realized similar (bit more detail) research due to his article about Sophie. So and now all fans can know what it the most favourite characteristic of Sophie. Tell your opinion. Thank you for your poll.
Jospain's Sophie Marceau Poll
What do you like on Sophie the most?

As she looks. (beauty)
As she plays. (actress)
Her behaviour. (ellegance, charm, opinions)

Current Results
1. Is Sophie Marceau (32) and Andrzej Zulawski (56) right couple?
[5.4.99-17.7.99; 56 respondents] 
     Once I visited some of news servers, where Sophie's fans were talking about her relation with Andzrej Zulawski, Polish film director, who is 24 years her senior and father of her son. Many fans said, it is terrible to imagine and that they don't understand Sophie Marceau, others thought it is Sophie's problem and free will, so what do you think?
 1. Absolutely yes!
 2. No, they are wrong!
 3.It's not my problem. Let people do as they want.
        In any case, nobody can say that fans are happy from this couple - 11% says about it clearly. Anyway they are not against them, too. Democracy and tolerance win. "It's not my problem. Let people do as they want." It seems Sophie's fan are not so much interested in her partner. Zulawski or somebody else, Sophie stays charm and likable all the same.....


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