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jospain's photography

      Hi all! Welcome to presentation of my photography work. Some word to start:
- All photos are made with camera Zenith 11, obj. M52x0,75 HELIOS-44M-4 58mm 1:2 - Pictures are ordered to several sub-galleries by particular themes
- Particular galleries obtain several pages (A,B,C, etc) if required for speeder acces.
- Every picture (thumbnail) leads to original-size picture which as a rule is of better quality.
- Due to scanner inaccuracy some pictures are modified in parametres as brightnes, contrast and RGB to be maximally similar to original photography. 
- In case you are in any purpose interested in some of my photo or you want to see more pieces of my work, please, contact me at
1  - Paris 
2  - My hometown 
3  - Streets 
4  - Country 
5  - Details 
6  - Live details 
7  - On the balk 
8  - Birches 
9  - Churches and Cathedrals 
10 - Other