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Wellcome to Versailles.
Sight of tourists just entered Versailles courtyard.
Place Vendome - obelisk.
Napolion's obelisk on the Place Vendome.
Senat and its gardens, typic stone railing, ever doing useable 3D effect ;).
Versailles Gardens.
Look from window of Versailles Castle over part of its gardens to Versailles village. Building perspective.
President palace.
I think it is President palace.
Bridges over Seine.
Photographed from the first floor of Eiffel Tower to west.
Eiffel Tour - the top floor.
Sight from the highest floor of Eiffel Tour (cca 300metres) to modern La Defense. Composed from two photographies. (I have no wide-angle lens).
Eiffel Tour - the bottom floor.
Sight from the first floor of Eiffel Tour (cca 80 metres) to modern La Defense.
Seine in one of rainy days. Unfortunately in one of three days I was there :).
Universites de Paris.
Look at architecture details on buildings of Universites de Paris.
Contrast of Paris 1.
Old cathedral and modern art on the same place. It is curious and terrible together, but after several hours you will get used to such things.
Contrast of Paris 2.
Old cathedral and modern building in one sight. Usual in Paris.