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Green pine in yellow summer 
Fantastic bright yellow grass and field. Late summer.
Foggy fields 
It seems as a foggy morning, but sun is shining from the left, from the west. You can see levels. Meadow, tree on it, field with left light and alone crab-appletree and hills continually disappearing in the fog. I love this one.
Just before storm 
The sun is still fighting of the place, of the flowered meadow, but storm cloud will win. Take notice of 'light in the shadow'.
Fire sunset 
It is not jungle, as it seems. It's hills from previous photos in the sun is falling down. That is, why I love sunset. From black to fire yellow.
Hot summer of top end wood 
People in village below this hill call this forests 'Top end wood'. Hot is shining from this snap,  doesn't it?