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See changes and new additions in every update. (News are updated througly) 
覧 15th update 覧覧覧  05.01.1999 覧覧覧覧覧
I finally solved problems with my account. I hope, future will be without such difficulties and I will spare more energy to improving contents of pages than their technical affairs. In this update biography was changed a bit. Some news. I know, bit late, sorry.
Co se tyce Ceske SM page, tak je konecne bez chyb text v biografii a to diki leeroyovi, ktery si dal tu praci a text upravil, za coz mu tady dekuji a opravdu budu rad, kdyz kdokoliv z vas mi pomuze. Chystam take ceskou news section. To bude vsak poradna fuska vest i tuto cast dvoujazycne. 
覧 14th update 覧覧覧  25.11.1999 覧覧覧覧覧
Hi! Welcome to the new place! My previous tripod account was cancelled. Why? I don't know. No previous caution, no explain, no answer to my mail. I think that from business purposes tripod need not pages with 120 visits per day average. Ok, let's forget it, just please, re-bookmark my page. Thanx. What's new? Updated biography by magazine Elle (X/99), windows background and logopack to the serie to my winamp skin.

覧 13th update 覧覧覧  22.10.1999 覧覧覧覧覧
Corected errors of previous update, some "interesting posters" in detailed Marquise, Firelight and Anna Karenina. It is taken from one japanese site, thanx to owner! Updated linx. Updated biography. Pictures: Gallery - art variations - pg3 (pic2 - pic4), my favourities - pg3. Jospain's Sophie Marceau Winamp skin download.

覧 12th update 覧覧覧  13.10.1999 覧覧覧覧覧
Something more about Avenue Marceau (You know, I was in Paris :), poll - previous results (BTW: Did you already show your opinion? No? Why? Do it, more respondents, better result. Please, poll.), car accident of Sophie (NEWS), new pics in gallery - my favourites - pg1 & pg2, updated and new links, filmography - Firelight detailed. I made quite large amount of changes on my page, but most of them are of technical character, so it takes much time, but has minimal visual effect, sorry for delay of new update, now it will be better, I promise ;-)

覧 11th update 覧覧覧  28.7.1999 覧覧覧覧覧
I'm sorry, I'm not dead. I'm back with new update: new !POLL! question - show your opinion, news design

覧 10th update 覧覧覧  27.6.1999 覧覧覧覧覧
News, links, gallery addition

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