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Sophie Marceau
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This section of Jospain's Sophie Marceau page has opened on 01.12.1998 for monitoring hotest and latest news about Sophie Marceau.  
Review of latest new.
The World is not Enough is now showing in cinemas in West Europe including England, Germnay and France. Till Showing it in East Europe (Poland, Hungary, Czech and Slovak republics) still remains from 1 to 2 months.
On the October 11th Sophie and her partner, the Polish director Andrzej Zulawski, have begun production of their fourth film together. La fidélité (formerly titled Sexuelle) is set in the world of the Paris press. Sophie plays a newspaper photographer, with co-stars Guillaume Canet and Pascal Greggory. Despite the commercial and critical failure of Sophie and Zulawski's three previous collaborations, Sophie told Studio magazine (July 1999) of her optimism about the new film: "I very much want to get started on it. It's a lovely project, I think about it constantly. Andrzej and I know each other so well... I trust him, and I think he trusts me too."
September 8th 1999: At a photocall in London's Millennium Dome (the setting of the opening sequence of the new Bond film), Sophie posed for pictures with the 200-carat Millennium Star diamond. She told journalists: "It's the most precious thing I've ever held in my hands. Apart from my 4-year-old son."
That's really nice talk, isn't it?
                       (Belles de Jour 2: Sophie Marceau, Sophie Marceau Fan site)

Sophie got highest places in public inquiry again.
"Agency IPSOS and weekly L'Evénement du jeudi asked French men, which world-famous woman they would like to spare their free days in 1999 with. French actress Sophie Marceau, known as "darling of French men" obtained 51%. Second place obtained by Slovak beauty Adriana Sklenarikova is saying about her popularity. She obtained just one percent less then Sophie."
I think that 51% plus 50% ("one percent less than Sophie) is 101% together. And where is results of other women? Somebody is bad counting and it's not me, :-)
                       (Zensky magazin 10/99)

Sophie is good driver.
There was a car accident in Warsaw a sveral weeks ago. The woman in green Peugeot 306 stopped on crossing when red light turned on. She wanted to backout to let people walk through the crossing and while backing on she hit another car which was right behind her back... Guess who is that woman? Nobody else than our lovely Sophie.
                        (thanx to Veill Scott; SLIVER, rumors)

World is not enough.
Bond's girl (played by Denise Richards known e.g. from Star Troopers) finished her work on the film, it means we will soon see noted film with Sophie Marceau. Denise Richards said about Pierce Brosnan: "It is funny be Bond's girl. With Pierce it is good cooperation. He is sexy, amusing and charmfull."
                        (with using materials from Novy Cas, 23.8.99)

Jame Bond film: Sophie's comments.
In new Bond film (as we know already know) Sophie plays Electra King, about who she said: "She is savage, but gentle woman too. However she is also victim! I think, it is quite good role, because I could play many character features." In magazine they also wrote: "Sophie Marceau with other French actresses Catherine Deneuve and Izabela Adjani is considered for woman with devil inside, whith which Sophie fights during his almost 20 year long career. That is, already many times directors  offer her such scripts, where they want her much stripping than talking. But today's film can't miss at least one bed-room scene. "Oh, love scenes! They are important in film right so as in the life," is reaction of woman, who lives with one man already 14 years."
                        (Novy Cas, 24.7.99)

NEW PROJECT : Sophie and Andrzej Zulawski working toghether again.
Sophie and her partner, the Polish director Andrzej Zulawski, are preparing their fourth film together. Sexuelles, set in the world of the Paris press, is due to begin filming in September 1999.
                        (Belles de Jour 2: Sophie Marceau)

Belles de Jour 2: Sophie Marceau


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